Submit abstracts at the El Día del Agua y La Atmósfera website (google forms) extended to 2 pm on Mon, February 22, 2016.  NOTE:  Before you submit, login to your UA gmail account; otherwise, the google form will not recognize you.

Format requirements for the printed program are more specific than those at the online website. 

  • Sample copy of abstract (link)
  • Format: Times Roman font, 12 pitch size
  • Title: Type in sentence case (capitalize first word and proper nouns only)
  • Title: Two lines maximum
  • Author(s):  List student presenter name first (in italics) followed by names of all co-authors
  • Affilliation of Presenter:  List student presenter's department affiliation, "Department of ...," followed by "The University of Arizona"
  • Affiliation of Co-Authors: If co-authors are not affiliated with presenter's department, use footnotes and list individuals' affiliations (e.g. U.S. Geological Survey, Tucson, AZ; Department of ..., The University of ...)
  • Body Text:  Maximum 200 word count
  • Body Spacing: Single space
  • Body Margins:  Justify block no tab indent