We are pleased to introduce members of the Organizing Committee.  Their dedication, enthusiasm, and energy know no bounds!

Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences Student Association Officers for Academic Year 2015-2016

  • Rodrigo Marcelo Valdes, President
  • Ravindra Dwivedi, Vice President
  • Francisco Balocchi, Treasurer
  • Marisa Earll, Social Chair
  • Ben Paras, Social Chair
  • Brianna McClure, Social Chair
  • Erin Gray, Undergraduate Representative
  • Dr. Thomas Meixner, Faculty Advisor

El Día del Agua y La Atmósfera Organizing Committee

  • Officers of the Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences Student Association
  • Dr. Eric Betterton, Department Head
  • Dr. Thomas Meixner, Associate Department Head
  • Mike Eklund, Tom Phelan, and Matt Jones, IT and Technical Coordinators
  • Tim Corley, Logistics and Research Support Coordinator
  • Erma Santander, Event Coordinator (Comprehensive)
  • Terrie Thompson, Website

Contact the student association organizers by email or contact the department at 520-621-7120.