Presentation Guidelines

Oral Presentations

  • Your Power Point presentation must be pre-loaded on the department's laptop by (Wed, March 30).  Bring your flash drive to download your presentation to Erma Santander in JWH 122!
  • Keep a copy of your work on a flash drive and carry it with you to the conference.
  • Remember that you are addressing a cross-section of water professionals.  Make your topic understandable to others who may not be familiar with your area of expertise.
  • Your talk should last about 15 minutes plus 5 minutes for QA time (total 20 minutes).
  • You may choose to use a fixed microphone at the speaker podium or a microphone on your person.
  • Speak into the microphone even when you are pointing out particular points on the screen, especially if you are using a fixed microphone on the podium.
  • During QA time, first *repeat the question* clearly through the microphone and then give your answer.

Poster Format

  • Consult with your faculty advisor about potential format types
  • Review award-winning posters in the department
  • Search the internet for examples of poster format (e.g. Colin Purrington)

Poster Presentations

  • Posters can no longer be printed by the department.  Use UA FAST Copy service in the Student Union Memorial Center, or a local Tucson printer.  
  • You should plan to set up your poster before 8:00 AM.
  • You should plan to stand next to your poster during all scheduled Poster Sessions, morning and afternoon.

Above all, good luck and have a great experience presenting at El Dia del Agua y La Atmósfera!