New Faculty Publication on Water Scarcity

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

"Water Bankruptcy in the Land of Plenty," a new publication written by HAS faculty members and affiliates Franck Poupeau, Hoshin Gupta, Aleix Serrat-Capdevila, Maria Sans-Fuentes, Susan Harris, and Lazslo Hayde, has just been released by the CRC Press as part of the UNESCO-IHE Lecture Note Series. The book features:

  • Focus on water quality management from diverse and internationally comparative perspectives
  • Special attention to the socio-economic dimension of drought in the American Southwest, especially in southern Arizona
  • Reasons for success and failure of implementing water management models
  • Stipulates the importance of institutions to successful water management
  • Developed by a team of natural scientists, social scientists, and water resource managers from Europe and the US

The book represents a concerted effort to explore the interplay between a variety of related scientific disciplines and frameworks, including climatology, hydrology, water management, ecosystem science, societal metabolism, political economy, and social science and is written for students, researchers, consultants, and practitioners of all academic levels.